513 PELID法のパターンニング制御(OS7-4 オーガナイズドセッション《精密/微細加工と評価》)  [in Japanese] 513 Patterning control of the PELID method  [in Japanese]

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Currently, chronic donor shortage is a concern. Therefore much attention has been gathered in regenerative medicine. Technology is necessary in order to achieve this, high accuracy patterning biomaterial into living cells. PELID method is to solve this problem is possible. However, there also exists a biomaterial that inhibits the formation of Taylor cone. This was thought to be due to loss of precision occurs. To solve this problem, we invented a method to insert a tungsten wire inside the nozzle.


  • The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference

    The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference 2012.20(0), 133-134, 2012

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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