S111042 境界潤滑特性と表面性状パラメーターの相関に関する解析([S111-04]第19回卒業研究コンテスト(4))  [in Japanese] S111042 Analysis for Correlation between Boundary Lubrication Property and Surface Geometric Parameters  [in Japanese]

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In engineering fields, surface roughness parameters are widely used for mechanical designs. However, actual surfaces have many factors which we cannot express by using a single standard surface roughness parameter. There is strong demand to develop a geometry parameter which is applied to all surface conditions and to characterize tribological properties. In this study, effects of grooves with different pitches on the surface roughness parameters and the tribological properties were investigated based on an ideal surface whose roughness parameters are completely controlled. The grooves have various pitches, processed by ultra-precision cutting. A correlation between the tribological properties in boundary lubrication and the geometry parameter obtained by combining the standard surface roughness parameters were discussed. In results, the surface roughness parameter R_<sk> and R_<ku> showed high quadratic correlation (the correlation coefficient of 0.967 and 0.952). The geometric parameters (R_q×R_<sk>) and (R_<λq>×R_<ku>)^<-1> showed high correlation with the friction coefficient (the correlation coefficient of -0.9794 and -0.9446).


  • The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2013(0), _S111042-1-_S111042-3, 2013

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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