S201024 画像解析を利用した計測・制御教材の開発([S201-02]技術教育・工学教育(2)) S201024 Development of the Measurement Control Teaching Materials Using Image Analysis




In this study, I developed train control system for the teaching materials. This system covers all a measurement, learning content of the control that you should learn in a junior high school and a high school widely. Specifically, I read positional information in the standfast using the imaging device which I put on a train and am a system detecting a train position. In addition, I simplify a the highest control technology and am easy to use this system as the teaching materials. Practical experience-like learning is enabled by using these teaching materials and can expect that the interest interest in advanced technique increases. And it is thought that it is provided with a point of view watching a technique in the life scientifically.


  • 年次大会

    年次大会 2013(0), _S201024-1-_S201024-3, 2013

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