D43 回転ツールを用いた穿孔と固定による重ね接合継手の強度評価(GS1 一般セッション)  [in Japanese] D43 Evaluation of Joint Strength of Lap joint Produced by Drilling and Holding with Rotating Tool  [in Japanese]

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In this paper, a new joining method using rotating tool has been developed. In this method, a tool with a shoulder and bolt-shaped tip is used. This tip rotates and plunges into the workpieces until the shoulder of the tool touches the plate surface. The rotating tool forward through the workpieces, the two plates are joined without any preprocessing. Therefore, this method is considered to have a decreased number of processes. This method was used to make lap joints, and the joint strength of the joined aluminum alloy plates was investigated using a tensile shear test. In all cases, the tool plunge rate was kept constant at 20mm/min, and the tool rotational speed was set to 765-1890r/min. The tool, which is made of SKD11, has a shoulder diameter of 10.0mm, a cylindrical tip diameter of M3-LH and a length of 4.0 mm. As a result, the workpieces are joined by frictional stir, and the maximum tensile shearing loads of all the samples in this study were more than 3.4kN, those the samples can be joined with high strength.


  • The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference

    The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference 2014.10(0), 271-272, 2014

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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