A-30 ウェアラブルセンサシステムを用いた関節トルク推定の精度向上に関する研究(センサ情報の活用ほか) A-30 A study on accuracy improvement of joint torque estimation by wearable sensor system




The aim of this study is to establish the method for the accuracy improvement of joint torque estimation in body motion analysis by wearable sensor system. The wearable sensor system consists of the wearable motion sensors and the wearable force plates, and the system can measure the 3-axis angular velocity, the 3-axis acceleration and the 3-axis magnetic field in the body segment (Upper body, lumber, femurs, lower thighs and foots) and the ground reaction force. The 3D rigid link model is defined for the joint torque estimation, and the joint torque (Lumber spine, hips, knees and ankles) is estimated by the inverse dynamics analysis. We established the method for the accuracy improvement using the Unscented Kalman filter combining the human body structure and the Newton-Euler method. We conducted the measurement experiment using the wearable sensor system, and we calculated the joint torque by the traditional method and the joint torque by the proposed method. The joint torque estimated by the proposed method and the force plate values were showed the fitting results.


  • シンポジウム: スポーツ・アンド・ヒューマン・ダイナミクス講演論文集

    シンポジウム: スポーツ・アンド・ヒューマン・ダイナミクス講演論文集 2014(0), _A-30-1_-_A-30-7_, 2014

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