2P1-J04 手先定速作業の高速化を目的とした冗長マニピュレータの動作計画(動作計画と制御の新展開) 2P1-J04 the motion planning of the redundant manipulator for the purpose of speed-up of the hands constant velocity tasks(New Control Theory and Motion Control)




In this study, we propose a method of motion planning of Redundant manipulators for the purpose of speed-up end-effector constant velocity tasks. the motion of end-effector is given as a trajectory function of end-effector. We are planning redundancy on the configuration-space that indicate a end-effector position on th trajectory, redundancy angles, redundancy angle velocities and redundancy angle accelerations. And we add Prohibited-areas that are projected torque limits on the configuratin-space. The gap of prohibited-areas become complicated and narrower when constant velocity of end-effector is high speed. therefore, when the configuration enters the prohibited-areas if we do not planning redundancy, torque exceed limits and wanders from trajecotory. In this paper, we describe a method to find a motion of redundant manipulators that works high-speed constant velocity, to planning redundancy on the configuration-space.


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