1A1-N01 視覚フィードバックを用いた落下位置を考慮したロボットマニピュレータによる液体注ぎ動作の研究(ホーム&オフィスロボット) 1A1-N01 Behavior pouring liquid considering drop position by robot arm using vision feedback(Robots for Home/Office Application)




This paper proposes a robot which can pour liquid from bottle. The robot consists of a 7-axis robot arm and 4-axis robot hand, a high-speed vision, and the robot is controlled based on visual information. The robot system has the abilities to pour liquid smoothly and exactly, is independent of target. A system designer can easily adjust for target by setting several specified parameters. In this paper, first, pour motion design for pour exactly is proposed. This motion plan consists of 3 step which are extracted from human motion. Secondly, vision processing to get liquid surface information. Thirdly, drop position control using vision feedback. Finally, the data of experiments are shown and the effectiveness of the propose method is verified.


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    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2014(0), _1A1-N01_1-_1A1-N01_4, 2014

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