3P1-P05 人体モデルを用いたペダリング運動時の下肢インピーダンス推定(感覚・運動・計測(2)) 3P1-P05 Estimation of Impedance of Lower Limb Using Human Body Model during Pedaling Exercise(Sense, Motion and Measurement (2))




In this research, we focus on the impedance adjustment function of human to evaluate his/her mobility function in a quantitative way. We consider that pedaling exercise is suitable for measuring lower limb kinematic impedance parameters, and aim at the establishment of the method which measure lower limb kinematic impedance parameters during pedaling exercise. In this paper, we propose the method of estimating lower limb kinematic impedance parameters during pedaling exercise using a multiple joint link model to take into consideration movement of each body segment which was not taken into consideration in a previous study. As a result, it becomes possible to take into consideration the inuence of the gravity of each body segment, and it is thought that estimated accuracy improved.


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    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2014(0), _3P1-P05_1-_3P1-P05_4, 2014

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