GS0204 コンピュータ・シミュレーションによる超音波伝搬の基礎検討  [in Japanese] GS0204 Basic Study of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation by Using Computer Simulation  [in Japanese]

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) was developed for treating tumors non-invasively. In this treatment, ultrasound is focused on the target inside the body and ablates cancerous tissues. Small size HIFU devices have been developed, because large size HIFU devices are expensive for using at a private hospital. However, the small size HIFU uses also small transducers, there is a disadvantage that the focal distance is short. In this study, we proposed a method to control the heated area for the tumor location. First, we presented a ring-shaped transducer model with the spherical auxiliary vibration plate. Second, we calculated pressure distributions from computer simulation using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method. From these results, we found that the proposed control method was useful for effective HIFU treatments.


  • The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2016.22(0), _GS0204-1_-_GS0204-2_, 2016

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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