A-3 低剛性ばねと人工筋肉を併用した高背屈支援RTにおける足関節挙動への影響の検証(筋骨格特性) A-3 Verification of effect to ankle joint by the high-dorsiflexion support RT equipped with the low stiffness spring and the artificial muscle




Hemiplegic patients cause a foot drop and cannot ground in the heel. Therefore the heel rocker does not work. In order to solve the problem, we developed the high-dorsiflexion support RT first prototype. However, the responsiveness of the artificial muscle is too slow to support the heel rocker. Therefore,we developed the high-dorsiflexion support RT second prototype which compensates the responsiveness by the spring system. We verified the effect of this device to the ankle joint the movement of the body center of gravity in the clinical trial. As a result, the second prototype can suppress the deceleration of the body center of gravity when the heel ground than the first prototype.


  • シンポジウム: スポーツ・アンド・ヒューマン・ダイナミクス講演論文集

    シンポジウム: スポーツ・アンド・ヒューマン・ダイナミクス講演論文集 2015(0), _A-3-1_-_A-3-8_, 2015

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