C-19 セット・フォーム習得支援RTがフリースロー軌道のばらつきを与える影響の検証(投げ) C-19 The validation of free throw trajectories acquired by the set-form assist RT





We developed the set-form assist RT using auditory biofeedback to improve free throw performance. In the previous study, we found that the RT suppresses the set-form variability in the shoulder joint movement. However the free throw trajectories acqired by the set-form assist RT has not been evaluated yet. In this paper, we compared Pre-Post data in terms of (a) ball height from the ground when release the ball, (b) elevation angle of the ball, angular in horizontal of the ball (c) initial velocity of the ball. As a result, we found that variability on the ball height from the ground when release the ball and angular in horizontal were improved. However, variability of the elevation angle of the ball and initial velocity did not change. The results of multiple regression analysis showed that initial velocity was the most impact factor for free throw trajectories.


  • シンポジウム: スポーツ・アンド・ヒューマン・ダイナミクス講演論文集

    シンポジウム: スポーツ・アンド・ヒューマン・ダイナミクス講演論文集 2015(0), _C-19-1_-_C-19-8_, 2015