OS0607-343 高サイクル熱疲労評価のための流体-構造熱連成解析と熱応力解析との連携評価手法の整備  [in Japanese] OS0607-343 Development of Numerical Estimation Method for High Cycle Thermal Fatigue by Coupling of Fluid-Structure Thermal Interaction Simulation and Thermal Stress Analysis  [in Japanese]

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High cycle thermal fatigue may occur in components and piping systems of sodium-cooled fast reactors (SFRs) where fluids at different temperature are mixed. A prototype coupling method consisting of the fluid-structure thermal interaction simulation code MUGTHES and the structural thermal stress analysis code FINAS with interface program MUFIN has been developed in order to estimate the thermal fatigue in the SFRs. As a fundamental validation of the coupled method, it was applied to the water experiment for thermal mixing phenomena in a T-junction piping system. In the experiment, thermal interaction between the fluid and the structure made of aluminum installed to the branch pipe side wall was considered. Through the numerical simulations, applicability of the coupled method was confirmed.


  • The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2015(0), _OS0607-34-_OS0607-34, 2015

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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