1P2-E08 認知症患者の自己効力感を高める身体運動操作ロボットシステムの開発 1P2-E08 Developed robot svstem to advance self-efficacv of dementia patients with operation of physical exercise




A dementia which one of the higher brain dysfunction is reduces quality of life. To protect this, outside support can advance conation of dementia patients and self-efficacy. On the other hand, remote operation of robot can keep interest of dementia patients. But, it is impossible to advance self-efficacy because this isn't an active participation. To advance self-efficacy of dementia patients, we germinated the robot race game, and developed robot operate system which dementia patients can operate with themselves physical exercise. To advance self-efficacy of dementia patients was recommended because they laughed for operating robot in this study.


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