2A2-J07 屋外走行支援と屋内訓練支援を両立するブレーキ制御型足こぎ車椅子の開発 2A2-J07 Development of Cycling Wheelchair with Servo Brake for Supporting Both Outdoor Moving and Indoor Training




In this article, we propose a cycling wheelchair controlled by the servo brake. The cycling wheelchair is a pedal-driven system and support the moving of many patients with impairment of their lower extremities. This wheelchair has a potential as a mobility assistive device to improve the daily activities. However, there are several barriers to use the cycling wheelchair in an outdoor environment. Especially, on downward slopes, patients cannot properly apply the braking torque to the pedal. This inability to slow the wheelchair presents a dangerous situation. On the other hand, the cycling wheelchair is an effective rehabilitation device, so that many patients to use it as an indoor training device. For rehabilitation, the device should have functions to not only apply the load to the patients but also encourage the patients to train. In this study, we propose a new cycling wheelchair for supporting both outdoor moving and indoor training. The cycling wheelchair has servo brake system and interface to connect the personal computer. By controlling the brake system, the velocity control in the outdoor environment is realized. In addition, the braking force can apply the load to the patients for their rehabilitation in the indoor environment, and they can also enjoy the computer game and virtual environment by using the cycling wheelchair as an interface such as key bode and joystick.


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