2P1-E09 一人称視点での家事の手動作記録ウェアラブルデバイスの開発 2P1-E09 Development of a Wearable Device for Recording Hand Motions during Housework from First-Person Perspective




Recently, there is growing interest on recording human motions from first-person perspective in a domestic environment. RGB-D cameras have been widely used in the field of robotics and also in analysis of egocentric vision, and such devices are still unproved. It is highly probable that the improvement of sensors will enhance the precision of previous systems. In this paper, we develop a wearable device using Kinect for Windows v2 in order to record hand motions during housework. We devote on reducing its weight by designing a novel casing, heat sink and head-mount. We evaluate the reliability of the system by measuring the time of continuous work without interruption.


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