Symmetry-induced nonequilibrium distributions of bright and dark exciton states in single carbon nanotubes

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We investigated the magnetic and temperature dependence of the bright and dark exciton luminescence spectra in single carbon nanotubes. We found that the phonon-induced exciton scattering rate from the bright to the dark state is only one order of magnitude larger than the dark exciton recombination rate below 10 K at zero magnetic field. Our results indicate that excitons are nonequilibriumly distributed between the bright and dark states due to the different parities of the wave functions and that Aharonov-Bohm flux enhances the phonon-induced exciton scattering between these two states. Our nonequilibrium exciton distribution model can also explain the nonzero photoluminescence intensity at very low temperatures.


  • Physical Review B

    Physical Review B 80(11), 2009-09

    American Institute of Physics


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