Magnetic properties of LCoAsO (L=La–Gd)

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We synthesized a series of CoAs based weakly itinerant ferromagnetic compound LCoAsO (L: lanthanoids) and systematically studied a L dependence on magnetic properties. Lattice constants a and c decrease monotonically with the decrease in the ion size of L3+. In the cases of L=Nd, Sm, and Gd, a ferromagneticantiferromagnetic transition was observed at TN=15, 35, and 75 K, respectively, indicating the existence of unconventional interaction between ferromagnetically ordered itinerant electrons of Co. The Curie temperature TC increases from 55 to 75 K by changing La to Ce while from Ce to Gd the TC does not change so much,being quite similar to the L site dependence of the superconducting transition temperature Tc in FeAs-based high-Tc compound LFeAsO. We discussed the mechanism of ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic transition and the lanthanoid dependence of TC.


  • Physical Review B

    Physical Review B 80(18), 2009-11

    American Physical Society


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