Knowledge Management of Healthcare by Clinical-Pathways

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Healthcare is a knowledge-intensive service provided by professionals, such as medical doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Clinical-pathways are used by many healthcare organisations (HCOs) as a tool for performing the healthcare process, sharing and utilising knowledge from different professionals. In this paper, case studies were performed at two HCOs that use clinical-pathways actively in the healthcare process. Theoretical model construction, sharing, utilisation, and creation of the knowledge by different professionals, were tested by the case study of two HCOs which use clinical pathways actively. The theoretical model was a knowledge creation model which creates new knowledge continuously. In this theoretical model, clinical-pathways are suggested to be an effective tool for knowledge management in healthcare.


  • Journal of Information & Knowledge Management

    Journal of Information & Knowledge Management 9(2), 119-125, 2010

    World Scientific Publishing


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