A proposal of finite-element analysis considering two-dimensional magnetic properties

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<p>A technique for analyzing the magnetic field in anisotropic material using the effective anisotropic reluctivity proposed by Enokizono is examined. It is shown that the Enokizono model can be transformed into another model having a conventional form. By expanding the examination of such a conventional form, a new finite element formulation for taking account of the two-dimensional (2-D) magnetic property is proposed. As the modeling of the 2-D magnetic property at the high flux density region is important in the practical analysis of the magnetic device, the extrapolation method of the magnetic property is examined. It is shown that the Bezier interpolation is fairly effective to stabilize the convergence characteristic of the Newton-Raphson (N-R) iteration in the nonlinear magnetic field analysis, taking account of the 2-D magnetic property </p>


  • Magnetics

    Magnetics 38(2), 889-892, 2002-03

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