Basic Characteristics of Squarewave Irwerter Circuit with Series R-L Load

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In this paper, the steady state operations of thesquarewave inverter circuit with a series R-L load arediscussed. The circuit consists of transistors andfeedback diodes. The basic equation is derived from itsequivalent circuit. Solving the basic equation withsteady state conditions, the instaneous value of theload current i is derived. The period t(2) for which thecurrent flows from the supply to the load and theperiod t(l) for which the current feedbacks through diodesfrom the load to the supply are calculated from (i), andthe ratio of t(l) to t(2) is illustrated using power factorof fundamental wave, pf, as a variable. The ratios oftransistor mean current I(tr), diode mean current I(D),supply mean current I(s) to the load current I are illustrated using pf as a variable, too. In result, each current ratios to I is shown in simple expressione. The load current can be calculated simply using the coefficient reading off the figure. In addition, it becomes clear from the figure that the load current is scarcely influenced by the harmonic voltage in less than 0.8 of pf. The ratio t(2)/(t(1)+t(2)) calculated in squarewave voltage, shows the limit of pulse width control whose out put voltage is the squarewave.


  • Memoirs of the School of Engineering, Okayama University

    Memoirs of the School of Engineering, Okayama University (13), 45-52, 1979-03-05



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