O大学病院のICUにおける家族看護の課題―看護記録からの分析―  [in Japanese] Analysis of Problems in Family Nursing at Intensive Care Unit of O University Hospital  [in Japanese]

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To study family cares at an intensive care unit (ICU) in O University Hospital, we clarified problems existing in the family cares by grasping patients' character and their family conditions in reference to patients' past records. On the basis of the nursing records of 128 patients, the patients were classified according to reasons for their stay in ICU, their staying period, and how they had left ICU to examine the necessity for family cares mainly from the point how families' sentiment and behaviors differed depending on patients' staying period in ICU. Nursing practice for family cares was evaluated in consideration ofwhether information about patients' families had been recorded or not. As a result, nine percents of the patients studied had left ICU by death and in case patients died within 3 days in ICU, no nurses in charge of them had been assigned to or no sufficient follow-up cares had been given to their families, while families' information of all the patients staying in ICU for more than 14 days was recorded, which indicated that nurses could share the information with patients' families to understand them. This research showed the importance not only of giving grief cares to the families who had lost their important person after a short stay in ICU, but also of evaluating continuous cares for families with patients in ICU for a long time, suggesting the need for some revision of the present care system to give mental as well as physical cares to both patients and their families regardless of staying period in ICU.


  • 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要

    岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要 15(1), 23-28, 2004-12-15



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