Studies on ferrous ion-induced lipid peroxidation of rat liver mitochondria. I. Effect of inorganic phosphate

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<p>Effect of inorganic phosphate on ferrous ion- andascorbate-induced lipid. peroxidations of isolated rat liver mitochondria was investigated. As a result it has been shown that phosphate accelerates the ferrous ion.induced lipid peroxidation; namely, phos. phate shortens the induction lag period of the lipid peroxidation reaction but the malondialdehyde after onset of its production is yielded at the same rate in various concentrations of phosphate. On the other hand, phosphate inhibits ascorbate.induced lipid peroxidation. There are stoichiometric interactions between the concentration of phos. phate and the induction period. Oxygen uptake by mitochondria was observed in the presence of both ferrous ion and phosphate at initial step of the reaction without being accompanied by malondialdehyde production, and afterwards there occurred malondialdehyde production with rapid rate of the oxygen uptake. Possible mechanisms andinteractions among ferrous ion, ascorbate and phosphate were discussed.</p>


  • Acta Medica Okayama

    Acta Medica Okayama 28(5), 299-310, 1974-10

    Okayama University Medical School


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