Immunochemical analysis of antigenic properties of human stomach cancer

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<p>From the data presented in this communication, it might be concluded that a cancer specific substance, which can be demonstrated in gel diffusion, is present in human cancer tissue, common to various epithelial cancers of different individuals, although it may vary in its concentration. Needless to say, this substance is quite different from the so-called interspecies antigen or organ specific antigen, as proved by the present experiments. Furthermore, this substance can be eluted well by the Fluorocarbon treatment and it displays physically and chemically unstable characteristics. This substance is likely to be included in the microsome fraction and soluble fraction which was determined by gel diffusion technique. However, the association of this substance with other specific antigenic substances of human cancer, concerned with "delayed type skin reaction", "cytopathogenicantiserum against cancer cell", and "complement fixing antibody in serum of patients with cancer", has not been elucidated in this study.</p>


  • Acta Medicinae Okayama

    Acta Medicinae Okayama 19(1), 19-39, 1965-02

    Okayama University Medical School


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