Development of a Practical Speaking Test with a Positive Impact on Learning Using a Story Retelling Technique

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This article presents a test development project for classroom speaking assessment. With the aim of enhancing and specifically easing the process of test preparation and administration and generating positive washback effects on learning, we developed a semi-direct speaking test called the Story Retelling Speaking Test (SRST). Although a story retelling technique has already been widely recognized as a teaching activity, its use for speaking assessment has not been fully studied. Thus, the article discusses the potentiality of using this technique for the SRST and reports its pilot administration to 43 examinees. As a result, the high practicality of the test was confirmed at the test construction and implementation stages. In addition, the questionnaire distributed to the examinees yielded generally positive results regarding their perception toward the test usefulness and the appropriateness of the test procedures and task difficulty. With regard to the appropriateness of the texts, the examinees perceived that the retelling of stories was influenced most by text content and then by text length; however, these two factors appear to be interrelated. On the basis of these responses, we have suggested some revisions of the SRST and future validation and reliability studies.


  • Language assessment quarterly

    Language assessment quarterly 6(2), 151-167, 2009-04

    Taylor & Francis Group, Routledge



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