Diversity of Chloroplast DNA in Various Mandarins (Citrus spp.) and Other Citrus Demonstrated by CAPS Analysis Diversity of Chloroplast DNA in Various Mandarins (Citrus spp.) and Other Citrus Demonstrated by CAPS Analysis

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日本,中国およびインドネシアの在来カンキツを含むカンキツ属97種類,キンカン4種類およびカラタチ2種類を供試して,cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence(CAPS)分析による葉緑体 DNA(cpDNA)の多型について検討した.全てのプライマーと制限酵素の組み合わせで出現したフラグメントのタイプから供試種は7種類に区分できた.タイプ1(38 種類):C. macroptera,C. hystrix,C. aurantifolia,C. medica,C. limon,C. grandis,C. aurantium,C. myrtifolia,C. bergamia,C. rokugatsu,C. sinensis,C. sphaerocarpa,C. nobilis(クネンボ),C. keraji,C. oto,C. tarogayo,C. suavissima,中国雲南および広西のマンダリン,中国雲南の雑種,C. madurensis,Fortunella;タイプ2(1種類):C. latipes;タイプ3(2種類):C. ichangensis,C. junos;タイプ4(6種類):C. tachibana,C. depressa;タイプ5(18種類):C. jambhiri,C. tankan,C. sunki,C. reshni,C. depressa,鹿児島並びに中国雲南および広西のマンダリン;タイプ6(36種類):C. nobilis(キング),C. unshiu,C. reticulata,C. genshokan,C. clementina,C. succosa,C. suhuensis,C. tardiferax,C. erythora,C. kinokuni,C. oleocarpa,C. leiocarpa,鹿児島,中国広西,浙江,雲南および広東並びにインドネシア西スマトラのマンダリン;タイプ7(2種類):Poncirus. これらの結果に基づいてカンキツにおける葉緑体DNAの分化について考察した.

The diversity of chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) of citrus was revealed by means of a cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (CAPS) using 97 Citrus, including many local accessions from Japan, China, and Indonesia, four Fortunella, and two Poncirus. All accessions were classified into seven types based on the results of polymorphic bands in all primer/enzyme combinations. The seven types were identified as follows: Type 1 (38 accessions): C. macroptera, C. hystrix, C. aurantifolia, C. medica, C. limon, C. grandis, C. aurantium, C. myrtifolia, C. bergamia, C. rokugatsu, C. sinensis, C. sphaerocarpa, C. nobilis (Kunenbo), C. keraji, C. oto, C. tarogayo, C. suavissima, mandarins of Yunnan and Guangxi, China, miscellaneous of Yunnan, China, C. madurensis, and Fortunella; Type 2 (one accession): C. latipes; Type 3 (two accessions): C. ichangensis and C. junos; Type 4 (six accessions): C. tachibana and C. depressa; Type 5 (18 accessions): C. jambhiri, C. tankan, C. sunki, C. reshni, C. depressa, mandarins of Kagoshima, Japan and Yunnan and Guangxi, China; Type 6 (36 accessions): C. nobilis (King), C. unshiu, C. reticulata, C. genshokan, C. clementina, C. succosa, C. suhuensis, C. tardiferax, C. erythora, C. kinokuni, C. oleocarpa, C. leiocarpa, mandarins of Kagoshima, Japan, Guangxi, Zejiang, Yunnan and Guangdone, China, and mandarins of West Sumatra, Indonesia; Type 7 (Two accessions): Poncirus. The differentiation of cpDNA in citrus was discussed in accordance with the results.


  • Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science

    Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 82(2), 106-113, 2013-04

    Japanese Society for Horticultural Science


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