Silk Gland Factor-2, Involved in Fibroin Gene Transcription, Consists of LIM Homeodomain, LIM-interacting, and Single-stranded DNA-binding Proteins



SGF-2 binds to promoter elements governing posterior silk gland-specific expression of the fibroin gene in Bombyx mori. Wepurified SGF-2 and showed that SGF-2 contains at least four gene products: the silkworm orthologues of LIM homeodomain protein Awh, LIM domain-binding protein (Ldb), a sequence-specific single-stranded DNA-binding protein (Lcaf), and the silk protein P25/fibrohexamerin (fhx). Using co-expression of these factors in Sf9 cells, Awh, Ldb, and Lcaf proteins were co-purified as a ternary complex that bound to the enhancer sequence in vitro. Lcaf interacts with Ldb as well as Awh through the conserved regions to mediate transcriptional activation in yeast. Misexpression of Awh in transgenic silkworms induces ectopic expression of the fibroin gene in the middle silk glands, where Ldb and Lcaf are expressed. Taken together, this study demonstrates that SGF-2 is a multisubunit activator complex containing Awh. Moreover, our results suggest that the Ldb.Lcaf protein complex serves as a scaffold to facilitate communication between transcriptional control elements.


  • Journal of biological chemistry

    Journal of biological chemistry 288(44), 31581-31591, 2013-11-01

    Amer soc biochemistry molecular biology inc