Centrosome maturation requires YB-1 to regulate dynamic instability of microtubules for nucleus reassembly

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Microtubule formation from the centrosome increases dramatically at the onset of mitosis. This process is termed centrosome maturation. However, regulatory mechanisms of microtubule assembly from the centrosome in response to the centrosome maturation are largely unknown. Here we found that YB-1, a cellular cancer susceptibility protein, is required for the centrosome maturation. Phosphorylated YB-1 accumulated in the centrosome at mitotic phase. By YB-1 knockdown, microtubules were found detached from the centrosome at telophase and an abnormal nuclear shape called nuclear lobulation was found due to defective reassembly of nuclear envelope by mis-localization of non-centrosomal microtubules. In conclusion, we propose that YB-1 is important for the assembly of centrosomal microtubule array for temporal and spatial regulation of microtubules.


  • Scientific reports

    Scientific reports (5), 8768, 2015-03

    Nature Publishing Group



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