Rapid production of engineered human primary hepatocyte/fibroblast sheets

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This data article contains data related to the research article entitled "Vascularized subcutaneous human liver tissue from engineered hepatocyte/fibroblast sheets in mice," published in Biomaterials [1]. Engineered hepatocyte/fibroblast sheets (EHFSs) are used for construction of vascularized subcutaneous liver tissue without a pre-transplant vascularization procedures. Here, we described a rapid production technique of EHFSs by controlling fibroblast density and coating fetal bovine serum (FBS) onto temperature-responsive culture dishes (TRCDs). The human fibroblast monolayer formed on FBS-coated TRCDs within 1h when seeded at a high density (at least 1.56×105cells/cm2). The most rapid EHFS production was achieved soon after the adhesion of human primary hepatocytes onto the fibroblast layer.


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    Data in Brief (5), 498-501, 2015-12

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