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Air filters collect particles by the mechanical collection mechanisms, namely, inertia, interception, gravitational settling, and Brownian diffusion. There exists the most penetrating particle size (MPPS) in submicron size range for which none of the collection mechanisms work effectively. In this study, we propose a new type of filter named as "centrifugal filter," which collects aerosol particles by centrifugal force together with the conventional mechanical collection mechanisms. The centrifugal filter proposed in the present work may be rotated by a motor or compressed air. Air passes through the filter in the axial direction of filter rotation. The filter rotates so does the air embedded in the filter, and therefore centrifugal force exerts on particles. In addition to the mechanical collection mechanisms, small migration of particles due to the centrifugal force enhanced the collection efficiency of submicron particles significantly without increasing the pressure drop. The performance tests of centrifugal filter were conducted by changing the fiber diameter, the air flow velocity and the rotation speed. We found that the collection efficiency of filter is enhanced significantly by rotating the filter without increasing the pressure drop and that the filter efficiency is well predicted by the conventional filtration theory accounting for the centrifugal force.Copyright 2015 American Association for Aerosol Research © 2015 Copyright © American Association for Aerosol Research.


  • Aerosol Science and Technology

    Aerosol Science and Technology 49(10), 959-965, 2015-10-03

    Taylor and Francis Inc.


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