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Parker Volcano is classified as one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines and is located in the province of South Cotabato in southern Mindanao. The results of AMS radiocarbon (14C) dating for pyroclastic flow deposits of Parker Volcano are presented in this paper. A total of fourteen dates were obtained and are divided into five groups (i.e., 4 to 3.9 kBP, 1.9 kBP, 0.5 kBP, 0.4 to 0.3 kBP and 0.2 kBP), which are almost consistent with previous reported dates. To reveal its eruptive history in detail and with high precision, evaluation of these dates with geological and geomorphological framework is necessary. Moreover, results of this study can provide useful information for disaster risk reduction efforts. フィリピン共和国,ミンダナオ島のパーカー火山に分布する火砕流堆積物中の炭化木片の放射性炭素(14C)年代を加速器質量分析(AMS)法により測定した.得られた14C年代は,4~3.9, 1.9, 0.5, 0.4~0.3, 0.2kBPの5つのグループに区分される.ただし,最近500 年間にある3つのグループは近接しているため,今後,地形や地質層序を踏まえて詳細に検討する必要がある.今後,さらに研究を進めて噴火間隔(休止期間)と噴出物の分布(噴出量)が明らかになれば,火山災害の防止・軽減にも役立つものと期待される.タンデトロン加速器質量分析計業績報告


  • 名古屋大学加速器質量分析計業績報告書

    名古屋大学加速器質量分析計業績報告書 (27), 139-144, 2016-03



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