Skyrmionic magnetization configurations at chiral magnet/ferromagnet heterostructures

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We consider magnetization configurations at chiral magnet (CM)/ferromagnet (FM) heterostructures. In the CM, magnetic skyrmions and spin helices emerge due to the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, which then penetrate into the adjacent FM. However, because the nonuniform magnetization structures are energetically unfavorable in the FM, the penetrated magnetization structures are deformed, resulting in exotic three-dimensional configurations, such as skyrmion cones, sideways skyrmions, and twisted helices and skyrmions. We discuss the stability of possible magnetization configurations at the CM/FM and CM/FM/CM hybrid structures within the framework of the variational method, and find that various magnetization configurations appear in the ground state, some of which cause nontrivial emergent magnetic field.


  • Physical Review B

    Physical Review B (93), 064416-064416, 2016-02

    American Physical Society


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