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The problem of decomposing a pixel grid into base-monotoneregions was first studied in the context of image segmentation. It is known that for a given n × n pixel grid and baselines, one can compute in O(n^3) time a maximum-weight region that can be decomposed into disjoint base-monotone regions [Chun et al. ISAAC 2009]. To complement this fact, we first show the NP-hardness of the problem of optimally locating k baselines in a given pixel grid. Next we present an O(n^3)-time 2-approximation algorithm for this problem. We also study some polynomial-time solvable cases, and variants of the problem.WALCOM: Algorithms and Computation, 7th International Workshop, WALCOM 2013, Kharagpur, India, February 14-16, 2013. Proceedings


  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7748, 53-64, 2013-02-14



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