Urban Development in Newly Industrial Regions in Peripheral India : A Case Study of Rudrapur



After the mid 1990s, the Indian economy grew rapidly owing to industrialization. However, most industries are located in certain metropolitan regions. In order to reduce the regional disparity, the Indian government promotes investment in the peripheral areas through a preferential taxation system. This paper aims to present a report on the development of the industrial city in India. Uttarakhand is an underdeveloped state in the north-eastern part of India. Its territory includes a few Himalayan mountains, hills, and a few plains. In an effort to boost its economy, the Uttarakhand government developed the Integrated Industrial Estate (IIE), Rudrapur. However, the local government does not have a housing board for workers. Therefore, it depends on private developers for housing provisions. The wealthy communities are comfortable and secure because their residential areas are protected by strong, big gates with several security guards. Therefore, these are 'prestigious gated communities.


  • Journal of Urban and Regional Studies on Contemporary India

    Journal of Urban and Regional Studies on Contemporary India 2(2), 1-9, 2016-03

    The Center for Contemporary India Studies, Hiroshima University


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