Topologically stable gapless phases in nonsymmorphic superconductors

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We study the topological stability of nodes in nonsymmorphic superconductors (SCs). In particular, we demonstrate that line nodes in nonsymmorphic odd-parity SCs are protected by the interplay between topology and nonsymmorphic symmetry. As an example, it is shown that the E2u-superconducting state of UPt3 hosts the topologically stable line node at the Brillouin zone face. Our theory indicates that the existence of spin-orbit coupling is essential for protecting such a line node, complementing Norman's group theory argument. Developing the topological arguments, we also propose a generalization to point nodes and to other symmetry cases beyond the group theory arguments.


  • Physical Review B

    Physical Review B (94), 134512-134512, 2016-10-14

    American Physical Society


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