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CREB3L3 is involved in fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis in a mutual manner with PPARα. To evaluate relative contribution, a combination of knockout and transgenic mice was investigated. On a ketogenic-diet (KD) that highlights capability of hepatic ketogenesis, Creb3l3−/− mice exhibited reduction of expression of genes for fatty oxidation and ketogenesis comparable to Ppara−/− mice. Most of the genes were further suppressed in double knockout mice indicating independent contribution of hepatic CREB3L3. During fasting, dependency of ketogenesis on CREB3L3 is lesser extents than Ppara−/− mice suggesting importance of adipose PPARα for supply of FFA and hyperlipidemia in Creb3l3−/− mice. In conclusion CREB3L3 plays a crucial role in hepatic adaptation to energy starvation via two pathways: direct related gene regulation and an auto-loop activation of PPARα. Furthermore, as KD-fed Creb3l3−/− mice exhibited severe fatty liver, activating inflammation, CREB3L3 could be a therapeutic target for NAFLD.


  • Scientific reports

    Scientific reports (6), 39182, 2016-12

    Nature Publishing Group


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