Tourism Inventory of Okayama Prefecture: An Analysis on Main Sightseeing Spots in terms of the Number of Tourists

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At the early stage of this paper, Okayama prefecture was analyzed by the author focusing on the tendency of main sightseeing-areas based on the number of tourists for three decades (Ichiminami, 2002). In this study, the main sightseeing spots in Okayama pref. are also examined and the developments are explained in a more detailed and updated perspective by extending over current features and the number of tourists. One of the important reasons in a significant increase in tourists in Okayama is the opening of the highways, the bullet train and cross-linking of the Seto Ohashi Bridge. At the same time, there are some waves in the increase or decrease of the tourist trends appearing from several vital developments such as environmental, climatic, social, economic and spatial. In this regard, research objectives of the study are mainly based on investigating and making a comprehensive study on main sightseeing spots in Okayama pref. to find new tourism values and to provide a tourism inventory of Okayama pref. by means of information, data and clues from the field in/between the tourist destinations such as hotel guests, gardens and castles. Therefore, Okayama pref. has a rich potential of historical and cultural heritage in terms of spatial planning and growth. The important point is that the structural adaptation between historical and cultural assets and the city life should be provided and protected for domestic and foreign tourism as much as creating better futures in health tourism, gastronomy tourism, cultural tourism, belief tourism, congress tourism, thematic tourism and local tourism.


  • 岡山大学環境理工学部研究報告

    岡山大学環境理工学部研究報告 22(1), 1-28, 2017-03



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