Production Capacity Change in Industrial Sectors of Hachinohe City due to the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami

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In this study, production capacity change was assessed for an inundation area due to the 2011 Tohoku tsunami. The study area was the coastal area of Hachinohe city, which was damaged and inundated by the earthquake and tsunami. Data for the activities of 10 industrial sectors were assembled from published information, newspaper articles, and public announcements. The results showed that the estimated amount of economic damage was approximately 101.9 billion yen because of the production capacity change in the industrial sectors of the area due to the earthquake and tsunami. The estimated amount was equivalent to approximately 84 % of the amount of the stock damage in the city. Time-series of production capacity rate in tsunami inundated area showed differences and showed slower recovery of production capacity rate from that of the earthquake affected area.


  • Journal of Integrated Disaster Risk Management

    Journal of Integrated Disaster Risk Management 6(2), 58-78, 2016-12

    IDRiM Society


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