On the Resultative Function of the So-called Reflexive Suffixes in Finnish

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In the Finnish language rhere is a so-called reflexive suffix, which is attached to a verbal or nominal stem to derive an intransitive predicate. The reason this suffix is called 'reflexive' is chat predicates containing chis suffix can apparently convey the same meaning as transitive predicates followed by a reflexive pronoun. For derived verbs to be reflexive, original verbs to which this suffix is attached should be transitive. However, this suffix can be attached to intransitive predicates. In addition, it is not always rhe case char predicates followed by this suffix convey reflexive meaning, even when original predicates are transitive. Moreover, sentences whose predicate contains this suffix have a parallel relation with the resultative construction. All these things show that the so-called reflexive suffix is not really reflexive. Rather, rhe function served by this suffix is to add resultative meaning.


  • Journal of the School of Letters

    Journal of the School of Letters (13), 1-9, 2017-03

    School of Letters, Nagoya University


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