The Importance of Prelingual Affective Communication Some Implications from the Field

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This paper investigates communication between Japanese volunteers and non-Japanese/immigrant children at NPO (Non Profit Organization)from the prelingual affective communication perspective (defined as the various non-verbal interactions that happen mainly when two psychologically connected persons try to find a common ground for their feelings and establish a relationship like an infant and mother). In order to collect the data,the Personal Attitude Construct(PAC) Analysis and Image Maps were used for three volunteers and 11 immigrant children. The data revealed the importance of personal relationship and the function where the communication took place.The relationship between the volunteers and the children was interpreted from "a metal level of interest,""a depth of interest,""a way of expressing mood." This is qualitatively different from nonverbal immediacy which has been studied intensively in relation to "affective learning" at school. The author emphasizes the importance of Prelingual Affective Communication.


  • International Journal for Educational Media and Technology

    International Journal for Educational Media and Technology 2(1), 36-44, 2008



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