Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of liquid water at 29.5 eV

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Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of liquid water was performed using extreme ultraviolet radiation at 29.5 eV and a time-of-flight photoelectron spectrometer. SiC/Mg coated mirrors were employed to select the single-order 19th harmonic from laser high harmonics, which provided a constant photon flux for different laser polarizations. The instrument was tested by measuring photoemission anisotropy for rare gases and water molecules and applied to a microjet of an aqueous NaI solution. The solute concentration was adjusted to eliminate an electric field gradient around the microjet. The observed photoelectron spectra were analyzed considering contributions from liquid water, water vapor, and an isotropic background. The anisotropy parameters of the valence bands (1b1, 3a1, and 1b2) of liquid water are considerably smaller than those of gaseous water, which is primarily attributed to electron scattering in liquid water.


  • Structural Dynamics

    Structural Dynamics 4(4), 2017-04-07

    American Institute of Physics


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