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In order to elucidate the dependence of the magnetic ground state on the Ca content (x) in Sr1-xCaxCo2P2 (0 ≤x ≤1, ThCr2Si2-type structure), we have performed muon spin rotation− and relaxation (μ+SR) experiments on Sr1-xCax Co2P2 powder samples mainly in a zero applied field. The end member compound, SrCo2P2, is found to be paramagnetic down to 19 mK. As x increases, such a paramagnetic ground state is observed down to 1.8 K until x = 0.45. Then, as x increases further, a short-range antiferromagnetic (AF) ordered phase appears at low temperatures for 0.48 ≤ x ≤ 0.75, and finally, a long-range AF ordered phase is stabilized for x > 0.75. The internal magnetic field of the other end member compound, CaCo2P2, is well consistent with that of the A-type AF order state, which was proposed from neutron scattering experiments. The phase diagram determined with μ+SR is different from that proposed by macroscopic measurements. For an isostructural compound, LaCo2P2, static magnetic order is found to be formed below <∼ 130 K.

20th International Conference on Magnetism, ICM 2015


  • Physics Procedia

    Physics Procedia (75), 426-434, 2015

    Elsevier BV


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