Large gauge transformation, soft theorem, and Infrared divergence in inflationary spacetime

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JHEP is an open-access journal funded by SCOAP3 and licensed under CC BY 4.0It is widely known that the primordial curvature perturbation ζ has several universal properties in the infrared (IR) such as the soft theorem, which is also known as the consistency relation, and the conservation in time. They are valid in rather general single clock models of inflation. It has been argued that these universal properties are deeply related to the large gauge transformations in inflationary spacetime. However, the invariance under the large gauge transformations is not sufficient to show these IR properties. In this paper, we show that the locality condition is crucial to show the consistency relation and the conservation of ζ. This argument also can apply to an interacting system with the inflaton and heavy fields which have arbitrary integer spins, including higher spin fields, which may be motivated from string theory. We will also show that the locality condition guarantees the cancellation of the IR divergences in a certain class of variables whose correlation functions resemble cosmologically observable quantities.


  • Journal of High Energy Physics

    Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(10), 2017-10

    Springer Berlin Heidelberg


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