Biology of Human Aging and Recent Nutrition Therapy



Discussion concerning Calorie Restriction (CR) and low carbohydrate diet (LCD) has continued for years. Authors have developed research of LCD using super LCD with 12% of carbohydrate. The biology of human aging includes study between human and mammalian such as mice, rhesus monkeys. Moderate CR reduced age-related mortality, incidence of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease. By very low calorie diet (VLCD), body weight can be reduced, but the diabetic pathological state remains. Besides CR and LCD, Zone, Ornish, LEARN Diets and Mediterranean style can be applicable. There are very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet (VLCKD), Moderate-LCD, High- Carbohydrate Diet, as related with the definition of LCD. Morbus (M) value was investigated for clinical practice of LCD, in which M value was remarkably improved by LCD treatment.


  • Molecular Biology : Open Access

    Molecular Biology : Open Access 7(1), 203, 2018-01-24

    OMICS International