YM155 exerts potent cytotoxic activity against quiescent (G0/G1) multiple myeloma and bortezomib resistant cells via inhibition of survivin and Mcl-1

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YM155, a novel small molecule inhibitor of survivin, shows broad anticancer activity. Here, we have focused on the cytotoxic activity of YM155 against multiple myeloma (MM) including cytokinetically quiescent (G0/G1) cells and bortezomib resistant cells. YM155 strongly inhibited the growth of MM cell lines with the IC50 value of below 10 nM. YM155 also showed potent anti-myeloma activity in mouse xenograft model. YM155 suppressed the expression of survivin and rapidly directed Mcl-1 protein for proteasome degradation. YM155 abrogated the interleukin-6-induced STAT3 phosphorylation, subsequently blocked Mcl-1 expression and induced apoptosis in MM cells. Triple-color flow cytometric analysis revealed that YM155 potently induced cell death of MM cells in G0 phase. Quiescent primary MM cells were also sensitive to YM155. We established bortezomib-resistant MM cell line, U266/BTZR1, which possess a point mutation G322A. YM155 exhibited similar cytotoxic potency against U266/BTZR1 compared with parental cells. Interestingly, survivin expression was markedly elevated in U266/BTZR1 cells. Treatment with YM155 significantly down-regulated this increased survivin and Mcl-1 expression in U266/BTZR1 cells. In conclusion, our data indicate that YM155 exhibits potent cytotoxicity against quiescent (G0/G1) MM cells and bortezomib-resistant cells. These unique features of YM155 may be beneficial for the development of new therapeutic strategies to eliminate quiescent MM cells and overcome bortezomib resistance.


  • Oncotarget

    Oncotarget 8(67), 111535-111550, 2017-12-04

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