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This study investigated the age-related changes in muscle quantity and quality in the trunk and limbs of women. A total of 128 females were divided into four age groups: young, middle-aged, young-old and old-old. Muscle thickness (MT) and echo intensity (EI) of the biceps brachii, quadriceps femoris, rectus abdominis, external oblique, internal oblique and transversus abdominis were measured using B-mode ultrasonography. The EIs of the biceps brachii, quadriceps femoris and transversus abdominis were significantly higher in the middle-aged group than in the young group; however, there were no significant differences in MT. Compared with the young group, all other groups had significant changes in both MT and EI of the rectus abdominis, external oblique and internal oblique muscles. Thus, qualitative changes in muscle may occur earlier than quantitative changes, and loss of muscle mass may occur earlier in the superficial abdominal muscles than in the other muscles.


  • Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology

    Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 41(11), 3013-3017, 2015-11

    Elsevier USA


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