SINC-seq: correlation of transient gene expressions between nucleus and cytoplasm reflects single-cell physiology

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1細胞RNA分画解読法の開発に成功 --細胞生物学の研究を加速--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2018-06-07.

We report a microfluidic system that physically separates nuclear RNA (nucRNA) and cytoplasmic RNA (cytRNA) from a single cell and enables single-cell integrated nucRNA and cytRNA-sequencing (SINC-seq). SINC-seq constructs two individual RNA-seq libraries, nucRNA and cytRNA, per cell, quantifies gene expression in the subcellular compartments, and combines them to create novel single-cell RNA-seq data. Leveraging SINC-seq, we discover distinct natures of correlation among cytRNA and nucRNA that reflect the transient physiological state of single cells. These data provide unique insights into the regulatory network of messenger RNA from the nucleus toward the cytoplasm at the single-cell level.


  • Genome Biology

    Genome Biology (19), 2018-06-06

    Springer Nature


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