LMSを活用した日本語漢字eラーニング教材の開発  [in Japanese] Development of e-Learning Courses for Japanese Kanji  [in Japanese]

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漢字・語彙クラスの学習内容に準拠した漢字eラーニング教材を開発した。この教材は本学のLMS (moodle)上で利用でき,初級から中級までに学ぶ漠字(総漢字数1041字)について,漢字の読み方,意味・用法を解説したリストと,漢字語彙の練習 ができるクイズから成る。漢字 ・語彙クラスを履修している学生が利用するコースの他,自習用コ ースにも同じ教材が配置されている。利用した学生への調査結果から,どのクラスにおいても学生が教材をよく利用しており,ほとんどの学習者から「役に立つ」という回答があったことから,この教材の有用性が確認できた。 一方,教材ヘのアクセスの簡略化や,より漠字学習への興味 ・ 意欲を喚起する教材を求める声も学生から寄せられた。 今後はこれらの結果をもとに,さらに教材開発を続けていくつもりである。

This paper is a report on e-learning materials which comply with the Kanji & Vocabulary courses offered in the Japanese Language Course in Kanazawa University Integrated Japanese Language Program. This materials are available on the university's LMS ("Moodie") and consists of a list which explains kanji characters and their pronunciation, meanings and usages, and quizzes for practicing kanji-compound vocabulary usage. A total of 1000 kanji characters and their kanji-compound vocabulary are covered in five courses. In addition to the Kanji class on-line course, a self-study course which uses the same materials is also offered for students who cannot register for the Kanji course because they are too busy with their studies. A survey of learners who have used these materials showed that the students of each course used them frequently and most of them responded that they were useful for their kanji learning. It has been shown that these e-learning materials can help students learn kanji. We also found that students want simpler access to the e-learning course as well as materials which stimulate greater interest in learning kanji. From on these results, we are planning to develop materials which are more effective and stimulating for learners.


  • 金沢大学留学生センター紀要

    金沢大学留学生センター紀要 (20), 21-38, 2017-03

    International Student Center Kanazawa University


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