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地球近傍の宇宙で発生するプラズマと電磁波の相互作用発生域の可視化に成功 --最新の科学衛星「あらせ」と極北のオーロラ観測から宇宙の物理現象を理解--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2019-01-18.Chorus waves, among the most intense electromagnetic emissions in the Earth's magnetosphere, magnetized planets, and laboratory plasmas, play an important role in the acceleration and loss of energetic electrons in the plasma universe through resonant interactions with electrons. However, the spatial evolution of the electron resonant interactions with electromagnetic waves remains poorly understood owing to imaging difficulties. Here we provide a compelling visualization of chorus element wave–particle interactions in the Earth's magnetosphere. Through in-situ measurements of chorus waveforms with the Arase satellite and transient auroral flashes from electron precipitation events as detected by 100-Hz video sampling from the ground, Earth's aurora becomes a display for the resonant interactions. Our observations capture an asymmetric spatial development, correlated strongly with the amplitude variation of discrete chorus elements. This finding is not theoretically predicted but helps in understanding the rapid scattering processes of energetic electrons near the Earth and other magnetized planets.


  • Nature Communications

    Nature Communications (10), 2019-01-16

    Springer Nature


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