Relationship between the Physical Properties and Hand of Jean Fabric

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We investigated the distinctive characteristics of jean fabrics (denim fabrics obtained from jeans) and compared the physical properties and the hand. We used 13 kinds of jean fabric from commercial jeans and 26 other fabric types. The physical properties were measured using the Kawabata evaluation system, and the fabric hand was evaluated by 20 subjects using a semantic differential method. To characterise the hand of jean fabrics compared with other fabrics, we used principal component analysis and obtained three principal components. We found that jean fabrics were characterised by the second principal component, which was affected by feelings of thickness and weight. We further characterised the jean fabrics according to 'softness & smoothness' and 'non-fullness', depending on country of origin and type of manufacturer. The three principal components were analysed using multiple linear regression to characterise the components according to the physical properties. We explained the hand of fabrics including jean fabrics using its association with physical properties.



    AUTEX RESEARCH JOURNAL 16(3), 138-145, 2016-08-02

    Lodz University of Technology Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design


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