Analysis of basic conditioning factors in the mother/child affecting breast-feeding

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Purpose : The purpose of this study was to clarify basic conditioning factors affecting the continuation of breast‐feeding until1month after delivery and find parameters for its continuation and the assessment of care need.Methods : As basic conditioning factors in the mother/child affecting the continuation of breast‐feeding, 5 factors(age, number of children previously cared for, delivery time, bleeding volume at delivery, and birth weight), which were suggested to affect breast‐feeding by the literature, were analyzed by logistic regression analysis, and the degrees of their influences were calculated. In addition, to evaluate the influences of3factors(absence of breast‐feeding in the last child, smoking habit, and absence of breast-feeding at discharge), which were major influential factors but had to be deleted in the process of the production of a questionnaire of breast‐feeding limitation factors(Haku, M.2004), on the feeding method1 month after delivery, differences were analyzed by Fisher's direct method and the ▯2 test.Results : 1.Basic conditioning factors affecting the milk feeding method1month after delivery The odds ratio for each factor in the mother/child was1.033for age,0.872for the number of children previously cared for, 1.012 for delivery time, 1.659 for bleeding volume at delivery, and 2.861 for birth weight. Bleeding volume at delivery(p=0.042)and birth weight(p=0.021)were significantly correlated with mixed/bottle‐feeding1month after delivery.2.Three factors affecting breast‐feeding1month after deliveryMixed/bottle‐feeding1month after delivery was significantly more frequently observed in mothers with the absence of breast‐feeding in the last child(Fisher p=0.0006), a smoking habit(Fisher p=0.04), and the absence of breast‐feeding at discharge(▯2=7.28, p=0.007)than in those otherwise.Conclusion : These results suggest that5basic conditioning factors "bleeding volume at delivery ≥500ml", "birth weight<25,00g", "absence of breast‐feeding in the last child", "smoking habit", and "absence of breast‐feeding at discharge" can be parameters for the assessment of breast‐feeding limitation factors.


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